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Darcee Cooper  BSW, MSW, RSW, RCC

I am both a Registered Social Worker (RSW) and a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC).


I provide individual counselling to adults and seniors and offer in-person or virtual counselling sessions.  


My Counselling Approach

I incorporate evidence-based therapy approaches which focus more on how we are reacting and responding in situations rather than focussing on the story of these situations.  

My Experience​

I have been a Registered Social Worker for 22 years and have 28 years experience working with complex situations. 

My Story

I started my journey towards being a counsellor in 1997 when I entered a community social service worker Diploma program.  Since that time I have worked in many settings assisting people navigate many areas of their life.  I became passionate about social justice, empowerment, and advocacy during these early experiences and pursuing an education in social work was a great fit for me.

My personal life experiences have shaped who I am as a therapist. I know first hand the challenges life can present, the obstacles that feel too big to endure and how hard it can be to be a human in this world at times.  As a result, I relate to clients authentically and in transparent ways.  The relationship between a therapist and client is as important as the approaches used and I do my best to ensure you are able to feel comfortable, connected and able to raise questions/concerns. 

Outside of work I get outside into nature as often as I can to refresh and recharge.  My two small dogs and my large cat also provide me with joy.  I have an adult son and an aging father who I regularly spend time with.  I really enjoy yoga, swimming, and paddle boarding. I am also a huge sci-fi fan, love binge-watching movies and tv series. 

“Trauma is also a wordless story our body tells itself about what is safe and what is a threat.” 
Resmaa Menakem


The easiest way to schedule a 15 minute consultation is through email.

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